Ouija tops US box office

Olivia Cooke stars in Ouija

The spirits have moved Ouija to number one at the box office, with the board-game adaptation leading the weekend with a 20 million dollar (£12.4 million) debut, according to studio estimates.

The horror movie release, timed for Halloween and starring Olivia Cooke (pictured) and Ana Coto, attracted more moviegoers at the North America box office than the violent Keanu Reeves thriller John Wick. The R-rated hit-man revenge tale from Lionsgate opened with 14.2 million dollars (£8.8 million) in second place.

Last week's top film, the Brad Pitt World War II action film Fury dropped to third with 13 million dollars (£8 million). In two weeks, the Sony Pictures release has made 46.1 million dollars (£28.6 million).

Board-game adaptions such as Ouija have had a checkered history at the box office, with the big-budget Battleship - the last Hasbro game turned into a movie - famously flopping in 2012. But Oujia, made by Blumhouse Productions and released by Universal Pictures, was made for just five million dollars, and scared up moviegoers with a micro-budget summoning of brand-name occult.

Universal also could claim the top spot in the world's other top market, China, where the Scarlett Johansson sci-fi film Lucy opened with 19 million dollars (£11.8 million). Since opening in July, Lucy has made 434 million dollars (£270 million) worldwide, proving the global appeal of Johansson.