Nick Frost always harboured hopes of dancing

Nick Frost

Nick Frost has revealed he always wanted to make a film to satisfy his dance cravings.

The funnyman, who stars as a salsa dancer in comedy Cuban Fury, admitted he was a "kitchen dancer" because he had a phobia about shaking and moving in public. "I think I probably always wanted to be a dancer," he said.

" I like dancing a lot but when you're a big lump like me and you dance well, you get a lot of weird looks from thin people, and they were looks that made me not want to dance. It was a look almost like I've defeated some kind of terrible illness, or I'd overcome awful childhood adversity to finally dance. Let me put the looks into a noise: 'Awww'."

The 41-year-old added: "I hate that so I don't tend to dance and it was a fear that was becoming something bigger."  Nick, who busted some moves at co-star Olivia Colman's birthday party and "didn't give a fig who saw" - said fans shouldn't expect a sequel to Cuban Fury.

"Tango Fury? No. I've danced in this, so I can move on now. I've scratched that itch," he said, adding: "I'm thinking about getting hobbled like James Caan in Misery so I can't ever dance again."

The actor is "proud" of what he's done in Cuban Fury, which opens in cinemas on February 14.

"It's the proudest of anything I've done in terms of achieving something that looks beautiful. I've put so much work and effort into it. It makes me fill up a little bit," he said.

"I think it was probably some of the most expensive therapy in the world to make a film to get over a fear of being looked at while you're dancing."