Jurassic World tops global box office

Chris Pratt

Jurassic World the movie has eaten up the competition at the box office after grossing more than $511m worldwide in its opening weekend

The film's global success was bolstered by a strong showing in the US where it grossed more than $204m. The record for the best opening weekend of any movie in the US is
currently held by 2012's Avengers movie which grossed $207m.

In the US the movie pushed last week's top grossing film, Spy, down to No.2 while earthquake disaster movie San Andreas sits at No.3.

Meanwhile Jurassic World's main star, Chris Pratt, said he is likely to return for the next installment.

"I am. They have me for I think 38 movies or something," said Pratt.

Watch the film's director Colin Tevorrow discuss the movie in our Sony Movie News bulletin below.