Jodie Foster: I don’t have an actor’s personality

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster has said she might have been a better lawyer than an actor as she does not have “an actor’s personality”.

The Oscar-winning star, 55, has struggled with the pressures of fame in the past and in recent years has spent more time behind the camera.

She told The Observer: “I think the thing that has made my work different than a lot of actors is that I don’t have an actor’s personality and I never did. I wasn’t born with that.

“Would I have made a better lawyer? Possibly. My personality is made for other things.”

Foster has directed films including 2011’s The Beaver and has also been a producer on many projects.

The star – who has two sons – said now is the right time in her life to focus on directing.

“Sadly, I never worked out how to be prolific as a director and have a career as an actor, and also raise children and run a company,” she said.

“It was the directing that always went on the back burner. But now is the time.”