Hustle star Robert Vaughn dies

Robert Vaughn

Actor Robert Vaughn, star of the Man From UNCLE and popular con-trick drama Hustle, died this weekend, aged 83.

The actor died after a battle with leukaemia on Friday.

Tributes have been pouring in from his fellow actors.

David McCallum, his co-star in the hit TV series The Man From UNCLE said he was "utterly devastated" by the news.

"Robert and I worked together for many years and losing him is like losing a part of me. My deepest sympathies go out to Linda and the Vaughn family," he said.

Meanwhile Adrian Lester, his co-star in the con-trick drama Hustle, tweeted: "RIP, it's been a pleasure Sir."

Stephen Fry tweeted: "Robert Vaughn, such a fine actor, one of the best Columbo villains (no higher praise than that) and an utterly charming man,"

Sir Roger Moore, a fellow fictional screen agent, said he was "very sorry" to hear the news.

Vaughn also gained fame through his work on iconic movies Bullitt and The Towering Inferno, both starring Steve McQueen and he starred as the villain in Superman III.

Vaughn also found fame in the crime fighting series The Protectors in the 1970s although Vaughn later described the series in his autobiography as "tasteless junk."

In later life Vaughn found success with the hit series Hustle where he played elderly con man Albert Stroller who acted as the leader for a younger group of con-men, headed by Adrian Lester.

Watch a clip of Vaughn in action in Hustle.

Vaughn is survived by his wife Linda and two children.

Catch Vaughn as Albert Stroller in Hustle, weekdays at 7pm on Sony Channel.