Hulk Hogan for Expendables 4?

Hulk Hogan

Sylvester Stallone wants Hulk Hogan to star as the main villain in the forthcoming Expendables 4 movie.

Former wrestler Hogan told fans that Stallone wants him to play a major part in the next installment of the franchise. "We’re trying to figure out a way to maybe turn me into the most evil man in the world," said Hogan.

Hogan made his theatrical debut in 1982’s “Rocky III.” He referenced this during the Q&A at the Body Pro Expo in England. “Y’know, Stallone gave me my first break and he’s been a great friend,” he said.

Although Hogan may not be as agile as he was in his heyday, he says he's spoken to Stallone about his physicality. “Can I still run? Can I still jump?” Hogan said. “Well, not as fast or not as high, but I think Hollywood could find a good stunt man to help me out.”

Stallone is also in talks to turn The Expendables into a TV series.