Arnie glad to be back!

Arnie Schwarzenegger

More than 30 years after he first uttered his famous catchphrase, "I'll be back," Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger is back again as the 'Terminator' in the latest instalment of the popular sci-fi movie franchise - Terminator Genisys.

The 67-year-old star and former governor of California was in London recently at a fan meet-and-greet event and revealed that when he first rose to fame in The Terminator fans would pester him with requests to 'say the line.'

"They all wanted me to say..."I'll be back" and then when I didn't say it with the right dramatic effect, they'd ask me to say it again!" said Arnie.

The Terminator franchise has taken over $1billion at the box office since the first movie was released in 1984.

A fourth film, Terminator Salvation, came out in 2009 but without Schwarzenegger.

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